Dynamic DNS

Use our Dynamic DNS service if you would like to host your own web server, mail server, ftp server, etc. but you do not have a static ip. This is great to keep a pointer back to your home PC so you can access important information from anywhere. You can use our free update client or one of the available third-party update clients to keep your hostname always pointing to your IP address, anytime even is your ISP changes it. No more fumbling to find that piece of paper where you wrote down your IP address, or e-mailing all your friends every time it changes. Just tell them to domain name instead! You are also not limited to how many dynamic domains you can use as you can use it with ever A record you create.


To assist you with configuring your hostname we've created this flash tutorial to show you how easy it is to create.

Update API

Do you have a custom application that utilizes the power of dynamic dns, such as a custom failover script? Use our dynamic dns update API to update your dns safely, securely, and fast.
Our API accepts updates via "POST" or "GET" request types; with "POST" being the recommended method. The following variables will be needed to pass your update information along.

URL https://www.xpertdns.com/dyndns.php
uname username as registered with our system 64 character length limit.
password encrypted MD5 password hash. 64 character length limit. This form can be used to encrypt your password
dynid ID for the A records you'd like to update. Multiple IDs can be updated in a comma delimited list. 255 character length limit.
ip IP address for this record. If "remote" is submitted as the value, we will use the client ip.

Example GET Update String


Update API Responses

=Successfully Updated= Successful DNS Update.
=IP Current= A record IP is already up to date.
=Access Denied= DynID is incorrect.
=Authentication Failed= Login is incorrect.

Dynamic DNS Update Clients

XpertDNS Dynamic DNS Update Client

XpertDNS Update Client- Our proprietary dynamic DNS update client is written in java for its portability and ease of use. Our client is still in the beta (ß) phase of development. It is likely to be unstable and not yet ready for final release. We welcome you to try out this client and give us feed back on any problems you may find. Please keep in mind that this is still in development and may not be suitable for a production environment.

It is compatible with both Linux and Windows and can be run with a GUI front end or in daemon mode as a command line utility.


DynSite- Microsoft Windows © dynamic DNS client
View this flash tutorial to help you configure DynSte.


DirectUpdate- The updater running as an NT service
XpertDNS patch- download patch to "dns" directory in the directupdate installation directory


ipTeller- Linux dynamic DNS shell script